Machining + Assembly

Complimenting our Forge shop, we are a respected industry leader in 5-axis high speed machining

Machining + Assembly Expertise

FPD is partnered with Makino and GROB, two leading manufactures of advanced machining centers. As a pioneer in high-speed machining, we apply our knowledge of materials, tooling, and programming techniques establishing us as globally respected titanium machine shop.

Our machining capabilities include 4 and 5 axis complex milling and multi-axis turning of parts that are up to 30” x 30.”

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Pursuit of Perfection

Our relentless pursuit of perfection is evident in every finished component and assembly produced by FPD’s highly skilled workforce. Automation and advanced assembly techniques allow us to meet the rigorous quality industry standards.

A new way of doing business.
Machining and Forging at one source.

Our Machining

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Machining + Assembly

Precision Components

Precision Components

When it comes to forging, machining, and assembly, FPD Company is a respected global supplier of specialty titanium components.
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Consistent Results

Consistent Results

Through technologically advanced equipment, high performance cutting tools, and efficient programming by our highly skilled engineering’s, gives FPD the edge to produce finished titanium components with consistent results.
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Fully Integrated

Fully Intergrated

Titanium components we manufacture are forged, machined, assembled, and inspected to exceed industry standards in-house. Having a firm grasp on engineering and quality is what makes FPD a premium quality start-to-finish titanium supplier to the aerospace and medical industries.
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Machined Titanium Component Example

FPD is uniquely qualified to evaluate the benefits of machining titanium block versus a titanium forging. We collaborate with our customers to determine which raw material option is the most economic and sustainable option.  

Block option

Machined Part from Block

This is an example of an aerospace component machined by FPD from a titanium block. 

forging option

Machined Part from Forging

This is example of the same aerospace component machined by FPD from a titanium forging.

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