Closed die precision forging

Experts in Titanium

When you’re looking for a leader in closed die titanium forging, engineering, and machining capabilities, look no further. FPD’s servo hydraulic presses produce small to medium forgings up to 35 pounds.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

FPD Company will satisfy your aerospace and medical forging needs under one roof. We forge complete, high-quality parts at one location, producing a more cost-effective, energy-efficient titanium product.

Products include titanium aero structure forgings and machined components for commercial and military aerospace applications. We also manufacture titanium orthopedic hips and knees for medical use.

A new way of doing business.
Machining and Forging at one source.

Our Forging

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Our Capabilities

Forging Products

Precision Forgings

Precision Forgings

Our forgings, tooling, and closed dies are designed and manufactured in-house. Our methods are validated and optimized through simulation software, ensuring premium quality and precision forgings with extremely tight tolerances.
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Consistent Results

Consistent Results

FPD’s custom designed forging presses, electric furnaces, and support equipment, are specifically designed for titanium forgings. This gives us the ability to machine our forgings in-house, producing finished titanium components with consistent results.
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Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated

Titanium components we manufacture are forged, machined, assembled, and inspected to exceed industry standards in-house. Having a firm grasp on engineering and quality is what makes FPD a premium quality start-to-finish titanium supplier to the aerospace and medical industries.
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Forged + Machined Titanium Component Example

Raw material

From Raw Material to Forging

aerospace titanium component forged by FPD
titanium billet before forging

Example of an aerospace titanium component that is forged by FPD. 

Forging Opportunities


From Forging to Machined Part

aerospace titanium component that has been forged from raw material and machined by FPD to satisfy finished part geometry
aerospace titanium component forged by FPD

Example of aerospace titanium forging that is machined by FPD.

Machining Opportunities:

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