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From helping you determine the best way to produce your titanium components to ensuring our work together benefits your profit, our people, and our planet, FPD works with you every step of the way.

You Have Choices

When purchasing titanium components, the finished part can made from a titanium forging or a titanium block. FPD can help you make that decision with a detailed cost/benefit analysis. We’ll take into consideration volume of parts, part geometry, manufacturability of the part, and a few other factors.

FPD presents sustainable solutions:

Input Material Forging Vs Block

Titanium Block

Raw Material Option Input Stock Weight: 40 Pounds
Material Loss: 97.5%

Titanium Forging

Raw Material Option
Input Stock Weight: 16 pounds (60% less than block)


  • Reduces input stock by 60%
  • Reduces machining cycle time by at least 50%

Titanium Part with Finished Part Geometry

FPD can produce this aerospace part from a titanium block or a titanium forging.

Titanium Hog-Out Vs. Titanium Forging

When purchasing a finished titanium component the input stock influences the process and price. FPD supports our clients to optimize input stock by recommending a “hog out” or “forging.”

FPD Manufacturing Analysis Includes:

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