Specialty Forging, Machining, Finishing and Assembly
for Aerospace and Medical Applications

About FPD Company

FPD Company, a 30+ year old privately held organization located 14 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA, is a respected global supplier of titanium forgings, machined components and assemblies. FPD’s knowledge of materials, precision manufacturing methods and a comprehensive quality system enable us to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and medical industries.

FPD Company - Recent Achievements

FPD Company Transforms Its Aerospace Machining Department
with the addition of a 52-pallet Makino Machining Complex
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FPD installed a 52-pallet Makino Machining Complex (MMC) integrating three A81M high torque high HP 4-axis aerospace machining centers. Within one month of operation, FPD realized spindle up time in the high 90 percentile and first time part quality of over 99%. The system maximizes machine spindle utilization by scheduling machining operations based on customer due dates, raw material availability and cutting tool conditions. Operators preload fixtures mounted on pallets with raw material. The MMC stores the pallet and waits for the next available machining center. During the high-speed machining operation, many critical machining parameters, such as spindle and axis loads, tool life, tool breakage detection and coolant flow are monitored. The automated pallet system, combined with advanced controls built into the machining centers, allows FPD to perform complex machining operations with no human intervention.

The Makino Pallet System provides FPD the technological advantage to compete on a global scale. The system is ideally equipped to provide a stable machining process, requiring virtually zero setup time between jobs while performing at high spindle utilization rates. This system provides true “lights out” machining capability, positioning FPD as a premier aerospace machining company in a competitive global market.

This machining complex was installed in FPD’s recently completed 12,000 square foot addition which was designed to house two 52 pallet pool systems. The MMC is capable of integrating up to 5 machining centers. Additional machines will be added as required to meet customer demand.

FPD Extends its Global Reach by Exporting Aerospace Parts to India
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FPD is now exporting aluminum and stainless steel component to a tier one supplier supporting the 787 program. The complex 4 and 5 axis machined and assembled parts are shipped to India, the eighth country to receive parts from FPD through an exporting company. Exporting is a rapidly growing segment of our business, we now supply aerospace and medical parts to Japan, China, India, South Korea, Switzerland, Italy, France and Brazil. FPD has experience exporting direct, through trading partners and export companies.

FPD Completes the Modernization and Upgrade of Forge Shop
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FPD recently completed the rebuild of the mechanical systems on our 2,500 and 500 ton hydraulic presses. Our forge electric furnaces and solution treat furnaces were replaced with high efficient, high capacity Electotherm units, increasing our throughput by over 50% on large forgings. As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we relocated every piece of support equipment in the forge shop to optimize work flow and reduce press setup times.

FPD Renews ISO Certification
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In 2010, FPD received renewal of ISO 9001/AS9100 certification, which had initially been awarded in 2007. In addition to the ISO certification, FPD has been awarded many aerospace and medical company specific certifications over the past 30 years. FPD is currently pursuing NADCAP certification.

ISO 9001/AS9100

FPD Company 124 Hidden Valley Road McMurray, PA 15317, USA Phone: 724-941-5540