Specialty Forging, Machining, Finishing and Assembly
for Aerospace and Medical Applications

Supply and Production

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About FPD Company

FPD Company, a 30+ year old privately held organization located 14 miles south of Pittsburgh, PA, is a respected global supplier of titanium forgings, machined components and assemblies. FPD’s knowledge of materials, precision manufacturing methods and a comprehensive quality system enable us to meet the stringent requirements of the aerospace and medical industries.

FPD Management Systems

Syteline ERP System

FPD uses Syteline, a full ERP system to manage production, scheduling, MRP and supplier management. All work centers are scheduled using finite scheduling which develops the optimum work flow taking into account customer due dates, manufacturing lead time, manpower availability, economic lot sizes, raw material and outside processing lead times. Production data is entered and analyzed on a daily basis. This information is used to update and adjust our integrated schedule as well as track actual manufacturing costs.


FPD uses modern management techniques to constantly improve our Company’s performance and reduce cost. Such activities as 6-S, Lean Manufacturing, set-up reduction, Six-Sigma, SPC and Pareto analysis are just a few of the programs employed at FPD.

ISO 9001/AS9100

FPD Company 124 Hidden Valley Road McMurray, PA 15317, USA Phone: 724-941-5540