Specialty Forging, Machining, Finishing and Assembly
for Aerospace and Medical Applications


Recent Achievements:

FPD received renewal of ISO 9001/AS9100 certification, which had initially been awarded in 2007. In addition to the ISO certification, FPD has been awarded many aerospace and medical company specific certifications over the past 30 years. FPD is currently pursuing NADCAP certification.

FPD Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is FPD going to save me money?

A: FPD stands alone in its ability to high speed machine hard metals and forge titanium in one location. Combined with our engineering and manufacturing prowess, we find ways to machine parts faster using the least amount of raw material possible.

Q: Can you design a forging for my titanium part?

A: Yes. Not only can we design a forging for your part, we can provide a comparison of that part made from a forging vs. block or plate and we can identify the optimal cut-over point based on annual volume and product design maturity.

Q: What is your lead time?

A: Many factors go into lead time including part geometry, material and component availability for assemblies. FPD engineers design tooling and fixturing in-house; our tool and die department fabricates the hardware required for the manufacturing process. We have produced die forgings in as little as 12 weeks and machined components in 4 weeks.

Q: What is the maximum forging size?

A: FPD can forge up to 50 square inches plan view area, or approximately 20 pounds. If the part can fit on a standard sheet of paper, it will likely fit our forging size range.

Q: What is the maximum machining size?

A: FPD can machine up to 30” x 30” x 30”

Q: Do you offer firm fixed pricing for long term agreements?

A: Yes, the majority of our work statement is controlled by multi-year contracts with a firm fixed price through the contract.

Q: What materials do you forge?

A: FPD forges all aerospace and medical grades of titanium including premium grade triple melt titanium. Common alloys forged are Ti 6-4, Ti 6-4 Eli, Ti 6-6-2, Ti 10-2-3, Ti 15-3-3-3 and Ti 5-5-5-3.

Q: Do you offer heat treat and porous coat services?

A: Yes. We use electric atmosphere and vacuum furnaces to post forge heat treat our forgings to the following conditions: anneal, beta anneal, stress relieve, solution treat and age and overage. Many of the medical implants produced are porous coated and sintered in one of three vacuum furnaces at our facility.

Q: What model formats can FPD accept?

A: We can accept IGES, STEP, CATIA, Pro-E and Solid Works file formats.

ISO 9001/AS9100

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